Paintings by John Simmons


I have been painting and studying painting for over sixty years, first as a child at Greenwood and  classes offered at the Springfield, Missouri Art Museum, then at Drury University with Edyth West and Clifford Larson and at the University of Arkansas with Edgar Albin, Neppie Conner, David Durst, Richard Hatch and Howard Whitlatch.

My art has evolved but the subject has remained much the same.  I am enthralled by the beauty of the physical world, by land, water and sky, by light and shadow, by calm and tumult.

I work primarily in oil and acrylic on canvas, using the techniques of glazing first developed during the Renaissance, the slow building up of transparent pigment.  The process is slow but the end results are translucent and radiant.

My work has been exhibited widely and is represented in many private and public collections.

Many of the pieces shown here are available for purchase. Details and prices are available and I can be contacted at